Saturday, September 30, 2006

Socktoberfest is Coming! Socktoberfest is Coming!

Socktoberfest starts tomorrow! Are you guys joined up?! Well, I am. And if you can't tell, I'm excited. And, I've set a goal for myself, I will not knit anything but Socks during Socktober. I am knitting these socks right now:
(I was too lazy to bring my socks downstairs to take a nicer picture, so I used my baby blanket as a background... Yes, I still sleep with it!) These are for a deserving someone, I can't say who becuase they read my blog. I also have one Ankle sock knit as a "thank you" for someone else, I just have to get another ball of yarn to finish them.

So, I plan on finishing those 2 pairs of socks, then knit some for me during Socktoberfest.

This is the button I made for it:

EDITED TO ADD: I made a decision. I'm putting off the purple stripey socks pictured above to knit socks for ME. I'm selfish like that. I do have to finish that Thank You pair of footies, but I can finish those in maybe a day or 2 once I get the yarn. But Socktoberfest is for Me, I decided.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


So, I'm knitting socks as a thank you for someone, and I finished one last night. These socks just don't want to be knit. Here are my reasons:

First: I'm knitting them toe-up, and when I cast-off, they where to tight to get on. Poo. So I had to rip out the cast-off and do a Sewn bind-off. Not so bad, but this little incident did set me back.

Second: I put the needles and the yarn in my backpack to start the second sock at school. Then, when I picked up my backpack to get off the bus, the pocket was open, and some stuff fell out. So I grabbed the stuff and stuffed it back into my backpack. But, in my hurry to get my class, I guess I didn't realize that I didn't grab my yarn, so I lost the yarn to make the second sock. Stupid Kaity! Now I have to wait until Monday to get another skein of yarn to finish the socks.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Kaity is feeling...

Yup. And I still have Child Development homework, laundry to do, I have to get started on a pair of socks for someone, spin, and practice those new songs on my guitar.

Maybe I should take a nap.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

1 Spool of Pink Sewing Thread

Plus 1 Bobbin Full of Freshly Spun Merino/Angora Blend

Equals= 160 Yards of Sport Weight Boucle-like yarn.

I like the way it turned out, I think it's really cute. Plus, It's super soft. I don't think I'll ever use it, I'm not a pink kinda girl. If anyone out there really loves it, I'll be happy to trade for it.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Spinning Inspiration

Remember that wool I bought from Well, actually, mom payed for it, so I spun it up for her. Check it out:
100% Merino Wool, 3.5 ounces.
Double Plied, Worsted Weight, approx. 145 yards.

I'm not crazy about this yarn, it's okay, kinda messy still. I guess non-messy yarn just comes with practice. I have inspiration for my next spinning project from this yarn that Mamascrapalota spun, I want to make some just like it! I have to go wool shopping.

Friday, September 22, 2006

"I Love You."

Ok, let's see a raise of hands, who out there watches Survivor? Did you watch it last night?!

Oh my gosh, funniest... thing... ever...

Do you know what I'm talking about? That Billy Guy?

So, here's the senario for those of you who didn't see it (I feel sorry for you, it was awesome.) Ok, so the Aitu (Latino) tribe was getting tired of Billy because he was to lazy and blah blah blah, so they decide to throw the challenge so they could go to Tribal Coucil and vote him out. So, at the challenge, the Aitu tribe was standing next to the Raro (White) Tribe, and Billy looks over to the girls on the other team and says something Like "I'm going home", or something like that, and the two girls standing there go "Aww, but we love you!". Then, Billy looks at Candice (one of the girls) all serious and says "I love you."

Now, I thought maybe he was just flustered and didn't really know what to say, but I guess he meant it! At tribal Councilo, he starts talking about that he came to win, and he didn't get the million dollars, but He won a different Prize, True Love. He said that he and Candice had a moment at the challenge and he knew it was love at first sight.

Then Jeff (The Host) says "Candice?! From the other team?!" He was all mouth-agape. It was flippin HILARIOUS! I feel sorry for this guy, he thinks she loves him!

Well, Billy got voted off, and I want to see next week when Jeff asks Candice about her true love, Billy. She's gonna be like, "What are you talking about?"

I never laughed so hard.

Knitting content tomorrow... maybe.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pretty spinning and a new free pattern

4 ounces Merino Wool ("Judy's Novelty Wool")
Double Plied, light worsted weight.
Approx. 135 yards

This is the first yarn i've made on a spinning wheel. Aint it Purty? I love it. I cannot for the life of me figure out what to make it into. I took the picture before I washed and set the twist, so It still looks a little rough. Here's a picture for reference:

And here's my secret project:

Now, I know what your thinking, "Legwarmers, Kaity? What are you thinking?". I know they're kind lame, but I tell you what, I love these things.

They're secret because you cannot see them when my jeans are down. I read this blog, and decided I might as well give it a try. She is totally right. I love these, they are so comfy! I posted the pattern here if you want it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You Spin me right round, Baby, Right Round.

SO, the lovely lady at the yarn/fiber store next to my school loaned me one of her very own wheels, woo hoo!! I'll only need to borrow this one until Christmas (hint hint MOM). Ah! I'm so excited! Spinning on a wheel is so much fun. I learned at the store with some ugly brown wool, then brought the wheel home and practiced some more with the ugly wool. They, I figured I was doing good enough to start on the pretty fancy roving I bought while I was there. I chose these colors because there has been entirely too much blue/green action going on. Anyway, Wanna see what I can do?

Awww, it looks so cute. I just spun up a tiny bit of my fancy fluff, then tryed to ply it. This is what I got:
Looks like sherbert! I'm so excited! I've already filled up one bobbin with half of the roving in this color that I bought, then I'll spin the other half and ply them to make more of what you see above. Mom already has plans for the yarn she wants me to spin for her.

Oh yeah, I have a secret project I'm knitting right now. I'm about 10 rows from being done, then I'll show you.


Sunday, September 17, 2006


Lookie what my mommy and daddy brought me back from a trip they went on. I loves me some Manos Del Uraguay. Now... what to do with it?

Friday, September 15, 2006


I finished one of my Jaywalkers while babysitting today. I am not happy with the way it turned out. It's too big, there are tons of mistakes, and I totally goofed up the whole thing. I pretty much ignored the pattern because I thought I knew what I was doing, but I guess I didn't. So, this baby is getting frogged. I'm still in a sock mood, so I'm gonna make footies with this yarn, toe-up this time. I just took of a picture of the sock so you could see it. It's a crappy picture, but who cares. (Can you guess what I'm watching?)

Oh yeah, I joined Socktoberfest 2006. Woo hoo!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Today's Tune-age for the bus ride home:

-Get Over It by OK Go
-Desperado by The Eagles
-I need your love tonight by Elvis Presley
-The Joker by Steve Miller
-The Boys of Summer by Don Henley
-Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode
-Layla by Eric Clapton
-You Make My Dreams by Hall and Oats
-Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie
-Hello I Love You by The Doors
-Landslide by Fleetwood Mac
-Don't Ask Me by OK Go
-God Only Knows by the Beach Boys
-I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie

Hey, I promised pictures of the Roving I spun up, right? Thank you, Heather, for the beautiful Fur!!
I think it turned out great, I love the colors. I started a pair of mittens out of it, but They got put on Hold for these:

My mom and I negotiated a trade. My hand-dyed sock yarn from Susie for some Vesper Sock Yarn she had. These colors are more me. If you can't tell, I'm making Jaywalkers.

PS: In math class today, there was this guy sitting in front of me wearing a crocheted beanie, it looked like it was made out of Homespun. Maybe his mommy made it for him.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Just a quick update

I finished spinning up all the roving that Heather sent me, and I took a spiffy picture of it in the skein. Then I would it up and started knitting some of it. Then I went to post the picture, but I couldn't find it! I must have deleted it by mistake. Dang. It was a good picture, too. When I have time, i'll take a new picture. But for now, I'm off to go shopping for fluff for my Spinning Roving Swap. Adios.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


So, guess what was waiting for me when I got home from school today? My Sock Swap Package!!!!!

Holy Moley, look at these socks. They are the most awesome ever! I love the colors! They are the ultimate Kaity Socks. I love them. She hand-dyed the yarn herself! How spiffy.

And, my lovely partner sent me a skein of her hand-dyed sock yarn. Aint it purty? I forgot to get a picture of it while it was still in a skein, but hey, who cares? She also sent a fancy little stitch marker:
And, look what else! A book all about hand-spinning with a spindle (I really need that!) and silk! Ohhhhh sooo pretty...............

Thank you, Susie! Your the best!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Randomly Musical

Ok, here's a fun MeMe for ya:

Ok, turn on your iPod or iTunes or music player or whatever you have on Random (or Shuffle), and Write down the First 20 songs that come up. Then, add a description as to why that song is on there. No cheating, no matter how embarrassing.

1. "Undone (The Sweater Song)" by Weezer
This song is hilarious! Plus, it's kinda knitting related. "If you want to destroy my sweater, pull this thread as I walk away! AS I WALK AWAY!!!"

2. "The Sun Never Shines (On closed doors)" by Flogging Molly
I love Flogging Molly, they're one of my favorite bands. I saw them once, I think I'm going to again at the end of this month. This is a good song.

3. "This Land" by Various Artists (from The Lion King)
Heh heh, I love Disney Movies.

4. "Juliet" by Army of Freshmen
My favorite band! Local, and they are so freaking cool, the nicest guys you'll ever meet. This is the first Single from their newest Album (It's amazing.)

5. "All I Want" by The Offspring
My older brother kinda turned me on to them, I don't listen to them that much anymore, but This is a cool song.

6. "Pass The Dutchie" by Musical Youth
It was off of the Wedding Singer Soundtrack, it makes me laugh every time.

7. "Miles Apart" by Yellowcard
Oooh, good song. From my sister.

8. "Sittin Waiting Wishin" by Jack Johnson
Aww, I love Jack Johnson! He's so talented. This is my happy music :)

9. "Send for You" by Army of Freshmen
Again, my favorite band. This is from an older Album

10. "I am Weary" by The Cox Family
This is off the soundtrack from "Oh Brother, Where Art Though?", The funniest movie in the World!!

11. "I Wish It Would Rain Down" by Phil Collins
Um... My mom used to listen to this in the Car all the time, so Phil Collins is kinda burned into my brain. He's cool.

12. "Cold Hard Bitch" by JET
Holy Guacamole, I love JET, they are sooo good.

13. "Love Stinks" by J. Geils Band
Again, from the Wedding Singer.

14. "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You" by Elvis Presley
Aww, I love Elvis. So much.

15. "The Light of a Fading Star" by Flogging Molly.
Oh! Such a good song.

16. "Magnolia" by The Hush Sound
I saw these guys when I went to see Fall Out Boy on their "Black Clouds and Underdogs Tour", but I had never heard them, but I though they where good. So when I got home, I looked them up and bought an Album. Their really good.

17. "Quiche Lorraine" by The B-52's
Woo hoo! I love the B-52's. I literally grew up listening to them. I remember my dad would be in the garage working on him car and listening to his "Cosmic Thing" tape, and I would sit out there and sing along. I love them. Hilarious Song, especially if you get my sister to do the "Bark! Bark!" parts.

18. "Hopelessly Devoted to You" by Olivia Newton John
Grease! How I love you.

19. "One of These Nights" by The Eagles
Ah! I love the Eagles.

20. "Shoplifter" by Green Day
Good song, good song. It's a single that's not on any albums, written about the same time as "American Idiot". I couldn't end this Meme without mentioning GD, could I?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wanna see my newest Irish Hiking Scarf? I love this pattern!! But, you already know that.

This one is going to be softer than the green one, but I like the color of the green better. This scarf is good school and bus knitting.

And, here's my Questionnaire for the Spinning Roving Swap I signed up for.

1) How long have you been spinning?
Um... Since June. Not very long.
2) Are you a beginner, novice, or experienced spinner?
Very beginner. I can spin on a drop spindle and... thats about it. I'm not very good.
3) Do you spin on a drop spindle or wheel, or both?
Drop Spindle, but I'm trying to buy a wheel.
4) What types and weights of drop spindles (or what type of spinning wheel(s) ) do you currently own?
Um... I don't know. I have a spindle that my grandma gave me, and thats about all I use. I don't know weight, I've a beginner.
5) What type of fibers have you spun with before?
Wool, and I have a bag of uncarded (or whatever its called) Alpaca. Also, I have some Soy Silk stuff thats almost impossible for me to spin.
6) What fibers do you prefer to spin with?
Wool. Maybe Alpaca, I haven't tryed that before, but I like stuff thats easy to spin. Silk Hankie are so great.
7) What fibers do you dislike?
Um... I don't really know, I havent tryed a whole lot.
8) Do you prefer natural colored fibers, or handpainted/dyed fiber?
Handdyed. More fun that way.
9) Would you prefer all one type of roving or smaller amounts of different types to sample?
Probably all one type.
10) What are you favorite colors?
Greens, browns, blues, golds, stuff like that.
11) What colors do you dislike?
Um, probably Oranges and Reds.
12) What would you like to do with your handspun yarn, or what do you plan to do with it? (pattern clarification here)
Knit something, like an accesory. A hat or mittens.
13) What spinning projects are you currently working on?
I'm spinning some handdyed wool from my friend Heather.
14) Do you have a wishlist?
15) What are your other favorite hobbies?
Knitting and Sewing
16) Do you have any allergies (pet, smoke, food, fiber,etc...)?
No. But I would prefer some fluff that didn't smell like smoke.
17) What is your preferred shipping method (USPS, UPS, FedEx)?
Doesn't matter.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Thanks to all you great people who wrote nice comments about my scarf. I can't wait for it to be cold enough for me to wear it. Right now, its about 80 degrees at 7:30 at night. I gotta wait a while. I started another one today, becuase I'm a crazy person. I'm using Encore Worsted in "Dark Country Blue". Very pretty. The yarn is inexpensive, but soft and it has good stitch definition.

Moving on, I keep seeing people post about their hands for some contest, but I'm gonna post about mine Just Because. Here they are In Motion (Ignore the double-chin action I got going on.) I'm an English Knitter, I've tried to be a continental Knitter, but I just can't transfer over. It's faster this way, and that's how I've learned.

And here are my hands by themselves. I bite my finger nails, it's a bad habit, I know. I'm also left-handed. On my right hand, you can see the bracelets I made a couple weeks ago. I love making them, they look so Cool. On my left hand, you can see that I'm wearing a Purity Ring. My younger sister has one, too. It signifies that I am saving myself for marriage. Our mom bought them for us. It's really important to me. The Silver band says "True Love Waits" across it.

Friday, September 01, 2006

FO: Irish Hiking Scarf

Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: US Size 9 Straights
Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf Color #7814, I think. 2 Skeins.

I'm a fringe kinda girl, so I opted to fringe this baby. I think it turned out so wonderful, I'm so proud of it. I love this scarf. It's a little overkill for the weather where I live, but I don't care. Usually, when I knit something, I'm done with the pattern and I don't make another, but I want to cast-on for another scarf! My next will be 2 cables wide, as apposed to 3.

I learned a new skill while knitting this, too. Cabling without a cable needle is definatly the way to go. SO much faster. Here's a tutorial. One warning, though. Sometimes you could get a funky-looking Cable, but if you push your stitches down onto the full diameter of the needle, then your fine.

Here's a Close-up.