Friday, June 30, 2006

Hope you all have fun! I'll be back from Vacation on Wednesday, Talk to you all then!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lookie Lookie

Wendy gave me some cute fabric to make a Headband, so I did.

I had some time tonight. I just finished my first shift in the Fireworks booth, and It wasn't so bad. It did get REALLY boring, so tomorrow I'm bringing something to Knit. Hmm, what to bring. It's gotta be little and easy to put down and pick up quickly. A sock maybe?

Anyway, here's my blonde moment of the day:

Doh! I twisted the elastic at the back of my headband. Silly Kaity...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Yay for presents!!

Check out what Heather sent me!!!! She's the bestest! I love the roving she dyed for me, it's so funky! I also got some Merino/Angora pink stuff (SOO SOFT!) and a bag of Alpaca (SOFT, TOO!!). She also sent some yarn for my mommy. Thank you, Heather!!! Oh yeah, she sent the funniest card, too, haha. Okay, i'm off to spin.

PS: I don't know how often I can post this week. I'm babysitting today, then going to a beach campout tonight. Then I kinda Volunteered to help out at the Search and Rescue Fireworks booth for my dad. So, I have to sell fireworks on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 5 hours a shift! Argh, maybe i'll bring something to knit, LOL. Then I'm leaving on Saturday for the 4th of July. I'll be back on Wednesday. I'll try to sneak in a post this week, I promise!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Thats Me!!!

You Are Ernie
Playful and childlike, you are everyone's favorite friend - even if your goofy antics get annoying at times.
You are usually feeling: Amused - you are very easily entertained
You are famous for: Always making people smile. From your silly songs to your wild pranks, you keep things fun.
How you life your life: With ease. Life is only difficult when your friends won't play with you!
The Sesame Street Personality Quiz

What I've been up to.

Knitting has kinda taken a backseat lately for sewing. By hand, not machine, because I think our machine doesn't have a needle. Anyway, I chopped up my old converse sneakers.

Like them? I do!! I think they turned out way cute. I posted these on You can check out my post over there for more pictures.

Blogger is being dumb, and uploading pictures is not going well, so i'll direct you to a Craftster post about a skirt I made. Click Here to see it.

I'm waiting on the Fluff I ordered from still. I want to spin!!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

That up there is the only yarn-related thing going in el Casa de Kaity lately. I was about to go pick up my ponchette to work on, but realized my friend's b-day was today. So I quickly spun up a little of the roving I dyed last week, and I'm making an iPod holder for her. After I finish it, I swear I'll get back to work on the ponchette-thingie.

Oh yeah, in a couple of days, the mailman is gonna bring me some Fluffy Stuff that I ordered from I ordered two "Butterflies" and one "Polar Morn" (whatever that means...). Yay, I can't wait!

Monday, June 19, 2006


Can you see it? Can you tell? The frickin' yarn is turning me blue! And my new needles, too! LOL. Although not very color-fast, it sure is knitting up fast. This is my progress from yesterday.

Thats a lot for me. And good news, I'm not bored with it yet. I'm challenging myself to knit it straight through, no other projects interupting me. Ha, like that will happen.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Official Start of Summer Vacation

I went to the beach last Wednesday and got the worst sunburn of my life (oops)! Then yesterday I went swimming for the first time this summer. Me and my friends Elyse and Ben and my sister where hanging out at my house yesterday and we decided to go swimming at Elyse's pool. So we did, lol. They have a really fun backyard, with a fancy new pool and a tree house and a plethora of animals. I'm officially a member of the "Tree House Club". Initiation would be jumping into the pool from the tree house. Fun stuff, lol. Anyway, we had a good time.

Also yesterday, I went to the LYS and bought enough Cotton Patine to make a Mini Ponchette- thing. That up there is the start of it. The knitting is easy and goes pretty fast so far. The cotton is really soft, too!

PS: I changed up a couple things, like my background and header. I got bored, haha.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm getting better!

My first attempt at spinning really sucked:

Then I practiced more and more and now I'm getting better. I can pretty much make it basically the same width and uniform looking if I try, which was my biggest problem. Here's what I just finished this morning:

I bought 8 oz of White Corridale Wool from my new local yarn shop and Kool-aid dyed half of it Grape and the other half Black Cherry. I've only spun up about 4 oz. Of it so far. There's about 52 yards. I plied it, too. The colors kinda remind me of the Circus.

Next up I think I'm going to work even harder to make it all the same width and spin up some single ply stuff. But first I need more fiber!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Self Portait Tuesday

Today's self potrait features a very sleepy Kaity and her new hair color:
This second picture I actually took yesterday, but you can see the color better.
You likey? I feel bad that I have no knitting content to show you. I just havent been knitting lately. I am spinning up some way-cool yarn, So I should have that to show you in a few Days.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


So, another post from my new computer, I love it! My brother bought us a wireless router-thingie to get us wireless internet anywhere in the house. Sweet! I could post on my blog from... outside!

Wendy sent me some gorgous 100% Cashmere Sock yarn from Isn't it pretty? My friend Jennifer sent me 4 rolls of colored duct tape! Yay! And Linda sent me a gift certificate for Barnes and Noble (get me some knitting books!). Thank You Guys, and to everyone else who sent me a Congratulations. I love you all!! You can see pictures of the ceremony on my Mom's blog. Right above the pic of my new yarn is one of my beautiful new Cedar Chest from my parents and the quilt my Grandma made me. I love it.

Sorry for the weird placement of the pictures, Blogger won't let me move them.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm back... for now.

My graduation party has just wrapped up, and I'm posting this blog from my brand new pretty shiny new Laptop Computer! I'll post more stuff tomorrow about all my good stuff. I'm too tired right now. Peace!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

You Spin Me Right Round

If you haven't read my mom's post yet, then I'll tell you myself. I learned to spin today! My mom was NOT going to let me learn, I don't need a new hobby, LOL! I actually wasn't going to let myself. But, the lady at our new LYS sold me on it (Oh yeah, Wendy, I'll tell you all about the store so you can check it out!). She was so nice and inviting and let me spin on her spindle, so I caved! Yay! My first spinning experience looks like Crap, but I'll get better! I really need a real spindle, not just one made out of CDs. I am trying to figure out how a spinning wheel works, so I can talk my dad into making me one, haha.

Disneyland was really fun yesterday. We didn't have a whole lot of time, but it was still fun. Graduation practice today SUCKED, but oh well. I only have to wait until Thursday, right?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

**sigh of relief**

Friday was my official last day of school, FINALLY! YAY! I'M DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL! I'M FREE!

Well, not yet, I still have Senior Week, where Monday all the seniors go to Disneyland (yay!!), then a barbeque/softball game another day, the Senior Breakfast and slideshow the next day, and Thursday is Graduation! Then i'm officially in Summer Vacation until I head to community college in Fall. Wow.

It already feels like summer around here, it was about 100 degrees this afternoon, and It will only get hotter. I love it. Me and my brother just ran throught the sprinklers, LOL. So what's a girl to do when it's blazin' hot outside? Why, stay inside and make an AWESOME new purse out of DUCT TAPE!

(Click here to make it bigger)

I got the idea off of a purse I saw that someone made on I love it. Making cool things out of duct tape is my new passion. I made 2 wallets, too. I want to make more! I'm thinking about maybe selling them (?) if anyone is interested.